Paola Bona was born in Turin in 1963 and is currently living and working there.

A scholar of Francesco Preverino, she attended the Art High School and took her degree in decoration at Accademia Albertina in 1986, under the tutelage of Nicola Maria Martino and Francesco Casorati. After graduating, she started her profession and devoted to murals (she painted a lot of them at several public places and private homes between 1987 and 1990).

After taking part in a number of exhibitions together with other artists, which were held at the “Zenit” exhibition space and the “Spazio dinamico” art gallery in 1991, she introduced herself to the public in 1992 when she held a much-praised, remarkable solo exhibition at the “Zenit" exhibition space. Reviewer Giovanni Ferro commented on Paola Bona’s earlier works as follows: "Paola Bona has taken inspiration from two basic narrative themes: one related to abstract art and fully permeating, while adhering to the study of forms as well as space and colour volumes; one consisting of a blend of figurative and abstract elements that merge into one another without a smooth transition. Despite the sign and colour accuracy formally found in each piece of work, Paola Bona is a heavily emotional, instinctive painter who makes her paintings every single moment in time, one instant setting the pace for the next one, and makes use of a vivid, graceful and well-balanced palette, striving her best to achieve the best possible colour effects. Paola Bona sets her paintings by basing herself on colours only: for this reason, forms are chosen considering their effective colour rendering."

In 1992, Paola Bona staged another solo exhibition held at "Studio Laboratorio", which turned out to be quite successful. "Visitors to the exhibition would be impressed first of all by the awareness of colours, the latter being bright, self-confident and unbiased, giving a visual sensation of delicate, perfect balance despite the brilliance of bright hues and shades. Yet, it would be unfair and restrictive, as far as this painter is concerned, to consider only the features underlying the mere visual enjoyment and ignore the unity, consistency and, also, the struggle and pain resulting from the human and artistic search of which these paintings represent significant milestones and evidence."

During the following years, Paola Bona (an artist fond of stillness, rest and coming in contact with the wildlife) spent a long time studying and reflecting, until the end of 2000. From 2008 on, renewed creative zeal led her to start working again, producing works that feature elements not found in her previous paintings: her canvases are imbued with vitality that manifests itself by means of daring perspective tricks and throbbing colours, as if they were marking a new, mature and conscious time age (an, yet, a time age showing outbursts of ideas and experimentation as never seen before).

During the same period, Paola Bona started exhibiting her works again, by participating in the "Change art" exhibition at Palazzo Ceriana Mayneri and a group exhibition held at the "Boccaccio" venue.

Paola Bona’s works were on display at the “Ronchi Verdi" venue in 2011.

Paola Bona

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