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from 26 March to 7 April

Domna  is an annual art exhibition dedicated to the world of women, organised by the Association "eXclusive_collezioni d'arte contemporanea", with legal and exhibition headquarters in Teano (CE), held, in its preview edition, at the historic "Bourbon military quarter" of Casagiove (Caserta) in 2019 and then suspended for two years due to the pandemic.

The second edition will still be held in the same prestigious location, from 5 to 21 March 2022, and will be enriched by meetings and theatrical performances.


Design, art and fashion have found a new home on top of a hill. The event of the Golfart association dedicated to creativity in all its forms becomes itinerant: the first edition of Open District Moncalieri is born, from 19 to 21 October at the Royal Castle and in the Rose Garden of Baden Baden Square 4.

Nineteen creatives will participate in the event, with works that will fill all five senses: custom-made clothing, extravagant shaped jewelry, the sweet trait of charcoal on a canvas up to a chair / sculpture designed by Ugo Nespolo.

The opening will be Friday, October 19 at 18, accompanied by the symphonies of the concert "Rivers of Notes" Chamber Orchestra Giovanni Battista Poliedro.

PARATISSIMA 14 – Feeling different

On her fourteenth birthday, Paratissima returns to the La Marmora Barracks and celebrates diversity: that with respect to oneself and others, with respect to the canons, rules and schemes; feeling different means being open to the world, to dialogue, to evolution and confrontation in order to continue to mature.

Growing up is never a solitary process and requires the seed of diversity to be fulfilled: accepting differences means having a true vision of reality, not compromised by prejudices or social dictates.

Today Paratissima is big enough to recognize its own evolution and development even if far from feeling adult: the path to take together with the artists who grew up with her and with the new ones she will meet along her way has not stopped yet.

This year, therefore, the invitation for artists is to decline through their creativity the themes of change, evolution and diversity.

Paratissima awaits you from 31 October to 4 November at the La Marmora Barracks!

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SAN SALVARIO DISTRICT Fashion Art & Craft 2016

mail artApril 2016 - MAIL ART - CREMONA

Since its origins, art has been closely related to the enchantment both from the formal point of view and as regards the choice of the subject and the adherence to a pictorial style.
incanto dell arte

NAt CAFE' exhibition 2016.

Natcafe 001

Relating to art with no mediation results in a powerful, straightforward flow of emotions.

Paola Bona views her painting as a way of “living”, watching and re-interpreting the colours that surround her, as well as reproducing with passion and vigour all that strikes her.

Paola Bona

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